2018 Cookin’ Men Chefs

The success of Cookin’ Men Denver largely rests on the shoulders and, to some degree, the cooking talents, of the 50 fabulous men who comprise the inaugural team of Cookin’ Men Denver chefs. The fun – and ultimately our fundraising success – all begins with YOU!

Your tantalizing appetizers, entrees, desserts and drinks will delight the palates of our guests. But, it is your enthusiastic personalities, servant-leadership and desire to engage your clients and colleagues in an evening of fun, food and philanthropy that will create a lasting impression and establish Cookin’ Men as a highly successful and much anticipated fundraising event for years to come. So the question is: Do you have what it takes to rise among the “wanna be cooks” to become a celebrated Cookin’ Men Chef and compete for the coveted Smokin’ Hot Chef award?

Cookin’ Men Chef Expectations

Eager to volunteer and serve others


Prepared to HAVE FUN

and create a memorable experience for clients, friends and colleagues.


Engaging Personality

Do you warmly welcome new friends and eagerly engage the public?


Available on May 5, 2018

That’s show time at Coors Field. You must be available from approximately 5:00 – 10:00 PM


Willing to Cook Your Heart Out for Friends and Clients

Professional culinary skills NOT required, but yes, it helps if you enjoy cooking, have a favorite recipe to share and/or have someone who can help you prepare a delectable dish.


Ready to Recruit and Encourage Your Clients and Colleagues to Attend Cookin’ Men Denver

We are counting on you to help promote the event and ensure its success! We need you to encourage friends, family, business associates and those in your sphere of influence to buy tickets and attend.


Select and Submit Your Preferred Menu Item No Later Than 12/30/2017

We need volunteers who are able to follow instructions (including their own recipes!), meet deadlines and who will respond to communications in a timely manner so that marketing and event planning stays on time.


Cover Your Food Expense

Chefs are asked to pre-prepare and bring 265-300 bite-sized servings/portions of their selected menu item. Chefs also are asked to cover the expense of their recipes. Serving dishes, utensils, cups, warming chaffers, heat lamps, cutting boards, chef stations will all be provided to you.


Share Your Recipe and Tell Its Story

Cookin’ Men Denver will produce a limited edition cook book to include your recipe and your brief bio. Our guests would love to have you tell the story about how you came to discover, create and enjoy your selected dish.


Don an Apron and Strike a Pose

Every volunteer chef will be featured in our event guide, Chef Posters and on CRF’s Cookin’ Men web pages. Our photographer will invite you to don your apron for a fun and engaging photo shoot as we publicize and celebrate our volunteer chefs.


Practice Food Safety

The safety of our guests is paramount, so you will be asked to follow some critical food safety guidelines. We will assist you to ensure that hot food remains at required food safety temperatures and that cold foods remain chilled. Above all, proper food handling safety and cleanliness are essential and we’ll guide you through those requirements.

Chef in hotel or restaurant kitchen cooking only hands. Prepared beef steak with vegetable decoration.

So, Are You Up For the Challenge?

Ready to join a fantastic group of men to dazzle our guests with your amazing amateur cooking skills?

Thank you for considering participation as a volunteer chef for the debut of Cookin’ Men Denver on May 5, 2018 at Coors Field, presented by van Westenberg Partners at KW Advantage Realty, benefiting the Colorado REALTOR® Foundation.

Chef participation is on an invitation-only basis. For more information, please contact Christina K. Smith, executive director, Colorado REALTOR® Foundation and Cookin’ Men Denver co-chair, at christina@coloradorealtorfoundation.org or 303.814.6615.

Already Selected to be a Cookin’ Men Chef?

If you have already been invited to be a Cookin’ Men Chef, then please complete and submit this Online Registration Form by clicking below.