CARF’s Grantmaking Strategic Priorities

CARF’s strategic priorities for grantmaking reflect the Foundation’s core values of partnership and collaboration with local associations, grassroots REALTOR® community service and engagement initiatives and nonprofit organizations that embrace and reflect innovative, strategic approaches to address housing-related challenges and barriers to homeownership in Colorado.

CARF’s grantmaking seeks to support safe and affordable housing, homeownership and housing-related disaster assistance programs and organizations that emphasize five key attributes:


CARF is passionate about partnerships. We celebrate collaboration. Across Colorado, we seek to engage partnerships with local REALTOR® associations, REALTOR® agencies, the broader real estate industry and affinity partners, along with housing-focused nonprofits, that share our commitment to partnership, collaboration, community service and volunteerism in an effort to marshal the relationships and resources needed to transform the most challenging affordable housing and homeownership dilemmas facing Colorado residents.


Engagement Beyond Grantmaking

CARF celebrates the power of volunteerism to change lives – ours and those we serve. The Foundation mobilizes relationships and resources by directly engaging REALTOR® and real estate industry volunteers to roll up their sleeves and become directly engaged in community service that benefits the clients, nonprofits and programs CARF’s grantmaking supports. We are deeply commitment to hands-on, life-on-life engagement that moves beyond a transactional grant to a transformational human investment in the lives of those we serve. Our end goal is to nurture vibrant communities through financial and personal engagement.

CARF endeavors to partner with housing-focused organizations and educational programs that provide direct volunteer and community service opportunities for Colorado REALTORS® and affinity partners.


Innovative Solutions

CARF is committed to discovering and resourcing innovative solutions to communities’ most complex housing challenges. The Foundation aims to invest in organizations that reflect best practices and evidence innovative solutions that empower, lift and build the capacity of clients served to overcome barriers to long-term stable housing and self-sufficiency.


Leveraged Investments

CARF recognizes that achieving our vision of safe and affordable housing and homeownership for all Coloradans requires a myriad of strategic partnerships, a high level of public-private collaboration, innovative solutions, grassroots engagement and well-leveraged financial investments.

Because the Foundation aims to support housing initiatives that have the capacity to significantly move the needle toward our vision of safe and affordable housing and homeownership for all, we look to invest primarily in partner organizations and programs that demonstrate a capacity to leverage our investment, multiply its impact, and use it to secure additional partners and resources.


Self-Sufficiency and Sustainability

CARF pursues partnerships, programs and projects that embrace the principles and practices of transformational community development, reflecting our emphasis on, and commitment to, holistic, integrated relief and development work that empowers communities and individuals to become self-sufficient and that affirms the value and dignity of every human being.

CARF commits its energies, strategies, resources and programs toward one end: strengthening the capacity of those facing housing-related challenges to achieve self-sufficient lives within stable communities that affirm their God-given worth and dignity.

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