Partner with CRF

The Colorado REALTOR® Foundation exists to serve Colorado REALTORS® and real estate industry partners. CRF fosters and encourages collaboration and celebrates shared value partnerships. We believe shared value partnerships create win-win-win outcomes – for our partners, the Foundation and, as importantly, the customers and community we mutually serve.

Our shared value partnership approach moves beyond requests for sponsorships, charitable support and marketing opportunities. CRF focuses on creating shared value for REALTORS® and real estate industry partners who choose to engage with us to:

  • Advance the REALTOR® brand;
  • Encourage community service, volunteerism and engagement among REALTORS®;
  • Promote a positive REALTOR® image;
  • Enhance the impact of the real estate community across Colorado


Our partnerships begin – and are greatly strengthened – by the ongoing practice of active listening and learning about our partners’ interests, concerns and values as they relate to business development, customer service and community engagement. From there, CRF explores ways in which engagement with the Foundation and the broader REALTOR® community can help address our partners’ and communities’ interests, concerns and shared values.

No two partnerships look the same. CRF prides itself on highly personalized approaches to partnership engagement.

Engagement is at the heart of our shared value partnerships. Engagement by REALTORS®, with our partners, for the purpose of enhancing and serving the communities where our partners live, work, learn and serve.

Philanthropy, sponsorships, escrow account investments and outreach events in support of CRF are mere tools employed to achieve a far greater goal – the transformation of the Colorado real estate landscape so that all Coloradans achieve the American dream of homeownership.

Invest in, and partner with, the Colorado REALTOR® Foundation so that, together, we achieve our transformational vision for the benefit of all who are blessed to call Colorado home.