We Place a Premium on Strategic Partnerships

The Colorado Association of REALTORS® Foundation places a premium on strategic partnerships that encourage and engage Colorado REALTORS® directly in philanthropy and community service.

Through strategic partnerships, CARF seeks to highlight, celebrate and add significant value to grassroots-based philanthropic initiatives and community service opportunities spearheaded by local REALTOR® boards, real estate agencies and affinity partners. As part of these partnerships, CARF aims to make leveraged investments where our resources and grantmaking bring multiplicative value to local strategic housing initiatives.

In 2017, CARF forged two strategic partnerships to encourage philanthropy and service among Colorado REALTORS®.

Ent Credit Union has embraced a significant partnership with the Colorado Association of REALTORS® Foundation to encourage philanthropic participation from Colorado REALTORS® and others in the real estate industry in support of the Foundation’s housing-related programs.

Ent Credit Union generously extended a $25,000 matching gift challenge to CARF to encourage increased philanthropic support for the Foundation on Colorado GIVES Day – December 5, 2017. Ent Credit Union will match dollar-for-dollar every contribution given to CARF on Colorado GIVES Day up to $25,000. This matching gift challenge not only aims to increase the number and size of gifts from Colorado REALTORS® and real estate agencies on December 5, but also will increase the proportion of funds CARF is eligible to receive from Community First Foundation and FirstBank as part of their joint $1 million incentive Colorado GIVES Day Incentive Fund.

For more information on how you can help CARF capitalize on Ent Credit Union’s strategic matching gift challenge on Colorado GIVES Day, please click the button below.


The Colorado Association of REALTORS® Foundation is delighted to engage in a strategic partnership to advance safe and affordable housing with the Future of Housing Community Foundation (FHCF), the philanthropic foundation of the Fort Collins Board of REALTORS®.

FHCF has committed itself to lead and rally the northern Colorado REALTOR® community and affinity partners to raise $260,000 to build two single-family homes and a community playground in partnership with Fort Collins Habitat for Humanity and its Harmony Cottages Initiative.

CARF’s board of directors has committed to a $25,000 leadership investment in FHCF’s Harmony Cottages Initiative with Fort Collins Habitat for Humanity.

CRF’s Partnerships with Real Estate Brokers & Title Companies

CARF’s housing programs benefit from significant philanthropic partnerships with over a hundred Colorado real estate brokers and title companies who continue the longstanding CARHOF tradition of establishing interest bearing escrow accounts with their clients’ earnest money from which the interest earned is generously invested in CARF’s housing-related grant programs. More than $7 million has been invested in CARF – and subsequently donated to Colorado housing nonprofits – from partnering brokers and title companies and their clients’ interest bearing escrow accounts.

To learn more about the simple way in which you can support CARF through interest bearing escrow accounts, please click below.